2017 Schedule

  Wednesday, June 28, 2017  
0745-0800 Opening Remarks Basha
0800-0820 Transfusion in cardiac surgery - An unsolved, solvable problem. Norcross
0820-0840 Tools for measuring coagulation. Miller
0840-0900 The whole picture: Interpretation of TEG tracings. Wegner
0900-0920 How one person can undo a comprehensive transfusion management program Duvall
0920-1020 Treating the patient- Audience participation on interpreting TEG tracings and choosing the right therapy. All
1020-1030 Break  
1030-1050 Accuracy in surgery compared to NASA and Exxon - From imaging to navigation. Lumsden
1050-1110 Line placement in the current era - State of the Art: Skipper
1135-1540 Panel  
1140-1235 History Lecture- Lunch Jones 
1235-1255 TAVR: Intended successes, potential unintended consequences.  Skipper
1255-1315 CPR, emergency CPB initiation and cerebral blood flow and embolic events.  Garami
1315-1335 How can we know where the stroke occurred? New stroke clasifications and what they mean. Lumsden
1335-1355 New designs and concepts in TCD.  Garami
1355-1415 If I need an AVR, which would I choose and why? Kitten
1415-1425 Panel   
1425-1440 Break  
1440-1500 Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM): What are the facts? Part 1 Perkins
1500-1520 NTM and Heater/Coolers: A CDC update Part 2 Perkins
1520-1550 Infections in Cardiac Surgery - How prevelant is this? Lucas
1550-1610 Infection mitigation with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - New Data Hamman
1610-1630 Panel   
1630-1830 Welcome Reception  
  Thursday, June 29, 2017  
0800-0820 How do you know you are adequately perfusing the brain? Lumsden
0820-0840 Fully autonomous cathether navigation: Is this even possible? Igo
0840-0900 Validating graft patency utilizing intraoperative ultrasound. Bhatia
0900-0910 Panel   
0910-0930 Future trends in mechanical support. Bansal
0930-0950 The total artifical heart.  Cohn
0950-1010 V-A ECMO with peripheral cannulation worsens L.V. failure.  Bansal
1010-1020 Panel  
1020-1030 Break  
1030-1050 Embolic protection - What is the State of the Art Mettauer
1050-1110 How have I managed to be a private practice cardiac surgeon for the past 30 years and plan to stay that way.  Kitten
1110-1130 The other guys tool box. Survival through diversification.  Igo
1130-1140 Panel  
1140-1250 Award Luncheon - Bud Frazier, M.D.  Cohn
1250-1310 "Mechanical Circulatory Support 2017: Mercy, mercy me; what’s goin' on?" Blitz
1310-1330 OP CAB - What is the current state? Bhatia
1330-1350 Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering.  Cool
1350-1410 "Take a life, give a life: Can we and should we be harvesting organs from imprisoned murderers upon their deaths?" Blitz
1410-1430 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissues: Applications for Preclinical and Therapeutic Tissues. Cool
1430-1450 The detrimental effect of brain death on harvested organs.  Bansal
1450-1510 Extracellular Matrix- The Mount Everest of Tissue Slachman
1510-1530 Panel  
1530-1630 Special Offer: "Office Based Services - OBL - Adopting to Healthcare's Current Environment" Schmidt
1630-1830 Exhibitors Party - Fun games - Prizes  
  Friday, June 30, 2017  
0800-1200 Abiomed Impella Simulations - St. Jude Centrimag Simulation - Perfusion Simulation - Angiovac Simulation  
1200-1300 Guest Speaker- Mobster Frank Cullotta- Lunch (Parellels between team work, building Las Vegas & cardiac surgery) Cullotta
  Saturday, July 1, 2017  
0800-0820 What is truly informed consent and should the perfusionist get his/her own? Blitz
0820-0840 Criminal prosecution of medical professionals: How common is it? Kemberling
0840-0910 Perfusion Mal-Practice.  Wood
0910-0950 Medicare fraud - How do you get on the radar. Kemberling
0950-1010 A New Organ Protective, Volume Expanding, Perfusion (VBI-1) Fluid Based on Phospholipid Nanoparticles as the Colloid Simpkins
1010-1025 Panel  
1025-1040 Break  
1040-1110 Electronic Posters presentations Basha
1110-1140 Open Heart Jeopardy Game  
1140-1200 Closing and Grand Prize Drawing