Cardiac Jeopardy

Play Cardiac Jeopardy and win 5 extra Grand Prize Drawing tickets for each member of your team!

The Game is played by dividing the room in half. Three players are selected from each of the two groups.

Each audience participant receives a card with a number on one side and a question with the answer on the other, along with a point value. The players select a number and that audience participant tells the point value and then asks the question. The team then has 15 seconds in which to answer the question correctly.

There will be wild cards that will be identified by our monitors that will give an edge by having bonus points. The game is fun and educational. 

A correct answer adds to their points, however, an incorrect answer, or no answer results in a point subtraction.

At the end of 1 hour a winner is declared.

Many interesting and thought provoking questions will be asked and answered. A great way to refresh our memories about things we all learned in training and learn new things too.